Semi Automatic Corrugated Carton Flex Printing Die Cutting Machine 2 Colors

Semi automatic corrugated carton flex printing die cutting machine china suppliers

  • Automatic paper feeding, printing, die cutting and stacking production line.
  • High cost performance and ultra-low price.
  • Regular and special-shaped cartons can be made.
  • According to the size requirements of customers.
  • Professional carton printing machine manufacturer.
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Function and characteristic:

  1. The machine adopts chain paper feeding mode.
  2. Each unit adopts electric opening and closing, pneumatic locking, pneumatic lifting plate, automatic ink distribution and pneumatic brake split positioning.
  3. The phase of printing shaft and die-cutting roller is adjusted by electric 360 degrees..
  4. The lubrication mode adopts double oil pumps, automatic spraying and circulating oil supply.
  5. The shaft and roller of the machine are ground and plated with hard chromium.
  6. Siemens, Schneider and other international well-known brands are used for Electromechanical.
  7. The bearing of this machine adopts famous brand .
  8. The hanging plate can be selected, and the mesh of anilox roller can be 180-250 mesh.

   The Machine technique parameter:

Model Max.paper

feeding size

Effective printing


The thickness of

The plate

Min.paper feeding size Min.paper feeding size Dia.
YSM-A-2000 1900*1900


1700*900mm 4-7mm 300*600mm 80 300
YSM-A2000 2100*900




4-7mm 300*600mm 80 300
YSM-B2400 2300*1250


2100*1250mm 4-7mm 350*600mm 60 405
YSM-B2600 2500*1250


2300*1250mm 4-7mm 350*600mm 60 405
YSM-C2600 2500*1470


2300*1470mm 4-7mm 400*600mm 60 480
YSM-C2800 2700*1470


2500*1470mm 4-7mm 400*600mm 60 480
YSM-D2800 2700*1600


2500*1600mm 4-7mm 400*600mm 60 530




2700*1600mm 4-7mm 400*600mm 60 530

semi automatic corrugated carton flex printing die cutting machine 2 colors (3)

Printing unit :

  1. Printing phase electric digital 360 degree adjustment (both operation and stop can be adjusted)
  2. The printing roller is equipped with plate hanging groove to load and unload the printing plate. The forward and reverse directions are electrically controlled by the foot switch.
  3. Manually adjust the gap dial of the paper feeding roller, with the adjustment range of 0-12mm.
  4. Printing phase electric digital 360 degree adjustment (both operation and stop can be adjusted).
  5. Pneumatic diaphragm pump, stable ink supply, convenient and fast operation and maintenance.
  6. The printing phase is fixed and equipped with cylinder brake device. Keep the original gear position fixed point.

semi automatic corrugated carton flex printing die cutting machine 2 colors (5)

Die cutting unit:

  1. Rubber roller: centrifugal casting steel cylinder. The rubber pad adopts German brand.
  2. The rubber pad of die-cutting roll adopts German brand.
  3. Die cutting roller phase and axial adjustment, PLC touch screen control, electric digital 360 degree adjustment.
  4. The rubber pad roller is a cutting and repairing mechanism, and the rubber pad can be reused for many times.
  5. The differential compensation device can automatically adjust the number of revolutions of the rubber buffer roll.
  6. The mechanical transverse ± 40mm swimming device of rubber cushion roller improves the service life of die-cutting rubber cushion.

semi automatic corrugated carton flex printing die cutting machine 2 colors (2)


  1. The paper receiving arm can be operated manually or automatically, and a safety mechanism is set to prevent the paper receiving arm from falling suddenly.
  2. The lifting of the bed table is driven by a strong chain.
  3. The stacking height is 1600mm.
  4. The bed table automatically adjusts the tilt with the stacking height of paperboard, high speed, lifting motor, with braking function.
  5. Pneumatic paper lifting mechanism, when the paperboard is stacked to a predetermined height, the paper receiving support plate will automatically open and the support will hold the paperboard.
  6. Flat wrinkled belt to prevent cardboard from sliding.

semi automatic corrugated carton flex printing die cutting machine 2 colors (1)

Pre feeder unit :

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