ML-1100 Corrugated Cardboard Manual Die Cutting And Creasing Machine

Cardboard manual die cutting creasing machine china factory

  1. This die-cutting machine is suitable for corrugated board, cardboard, plastic, leather, etc.
  2. Die cutting of pizza boxes, special-shaped boxes, etc.
  3. Low price, super durable features.
  4. Multiple safety precautions. The operation is simple and safe.
  5. Plate and frame can be adjust.
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Product Description

ML series hand feed die cutting and creasing machine is special equipment of die cutting and creasing a wide range of materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastic sheet and leather. It is applicable to the fields of printing, packaging, decoration and plastic industries.It has been well accepted by the customers from domestic and oversea market due to its outstanding performance, good quality, easy for operating , good service and low cost in price.


  1. The casting material is HT250 gray cast iron and with annealing treatment so as to achieve the casting not easy to deformation, breakage.
  2. The principal axis mainly adopt of 4Cr13MoV and with thermal refining treatment to improve the main-shaft’s intensity and rigidity, hardness and adhesive the effort of uneasy deformation.
  3. The main parts of gear is made of 4Cr13Mov and with thermal refining treatment.
  4. The machine’s guide plate is made of 38crmoral and with nitrogen treatment to increase intensity and make it not easy to wear. It can keep a long time balance of machine’s fluctuation pressure.
  5. The single plate electromagnetic clutch is nimble and reliable.
  6. It has the function of continuous cutting and opening dwell. Dwell is adjustable.
  7. The motion link (arm drag) is mainly made of nodular cast iron. It has the advantage of intensity, toughness and strong compression.
  8. The key parts of bearing is mainly made of Harbin bearing.
  9. The lubrication of concentrated refuel, manual refuel (optional) can better the oil flow in good condition and its maintenance.
  10. Transmission bearing is made of composite bushing (Ensure the lubrication), connecting roads PM bushing to increase the machine’s precision.
  11. The machine electrical is made from Schneider electric.
  12. Hand on triangle limit switch, emergency switch, hand push rod limit switch. Three insurance device. Ensure safety.
  13. Plate and frame can be adjust.
  14. die cutting pressure 150t.

The technique parameter

Model Inner chase size (mm) Speed (strokes/min) Max.rule length (m) Motor power Overall dimension


Machine weight


ML750 750X520 25±2 ≤15 2.2kw-6H 380V 1500x1320x1600 2000
ML930 930×670 23±2 ≤25 3kw-6H 380V 1700x1550x1700 3000
ML1100 1100X800 22±2 ≤30 4kw-6H 380V 2050x2030x1700 4200
ML1200 1200×830 22±2 ≤35 5.5kw-6H 380V 2150x2030x1700 4800
ML1300 1300×920 18±2 ≤40 5.5kw-6H 380V 2400x2100x1950 5600
ML1400 1400×1000 18±3 ≤45 7.5kw-4H 380V 2450x2100x2000 6500
ML1500 1500×1050 15±2 ≤45 7.5kw-6H 380V 2550x2100x2100 7500
ML1600 1600×1250 15±3 ≤50 15kw-6H 380V 2700X2200X2200 13500
ML1800 1800X1280 13±2 ≤60 15kw-6H 380V 2900X2200X2250 14200
ML2000 2000X1400 12±2 ≤65 15kw-6H 380V 3100X2200X2250 15500
ML2200 2200X1400 12±2 ≤70 15kw-6H 380V 3300X2250X2000 16000
ML2500 2500X1400 12±2 ≤80 15kw-6H 380V 2500X2250X2100 18000
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