High Speed Fully Automatic Flexo Carton 4colors Printing Die Cutting Machine

Fully automatic flexo carton 4colors printing die cutting machine china factory

  • Vacuum adsorption transfer paperboard.
  • High definition printing with ceramic roller doctor blade
  • Servo motor paper feeding, high precision.
  • Automatic high intelligent printing machine.
  • The main product is ink printing machine.
  • Professional manufacturer of HD ink printer in china supplier.
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1.The machine has integrated intelligent reset function, so as to realize automatic and accurate return of erasing plate.

2.The 2.10.4-inch color touch screen controls the paper feeding department, printing department and die cutting to zero at one time, order storage, memory reset, infrared photoelectric counting and preset order processing quantity.

3.The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor, and the frequency converter adopts Taiwan Delta, which can save energy and power by up to 30%.

4.The main screen adopts PLC control and man-machine interface.

5.The printing department and die cutting department are equipped with automatic zeroing device and order storage function. Orders are often stored by computer for easy adjustment.

6.Automatic plate lifting and dropping device, and the printing anilox roller rises and falls in sequence (computer adjusted delay), so as to prevent the printing plate from dipping ink for many times.

7.An ink shortage alarm device is set to monitor the working state of the ink supply system in real time to avoid ink-free operation.

8.The machine has the function of testing one paperboard, adjusting the production of two paperboards normally and servo tracking. No matter where the printing plate is, it can be printed on the paperboard to realize rapid adjustment and qualified production of the second one, so as to shorten the time of plate alignment and improve work efficiency.

9.The whole machine cooperates with multiple touch screens to realize computer adjustment, with high precision, fast response and convenient operation.

10.One click split function, intelligent split, convenient and fast.

Inside of wallboard 2900mm
Design speed 250(piece/min)
Working speed 80-200(piece/min)
Max feeding size 2650*1400mm
Min feeding size 450*600mm
Max printing size 2500*1400mm
Slotting size 7×350mm
Min slotting distance 200×200×200×200 mm

260×90×260×90 mm

The max die cutting size 2450x1400mm
Thickness of plate 7.2mm
Main motor power 22kw
Fan power Feeding unit 7.5KW*1set,printing unit 7.5KW*5set
Power of dust suction fan 4kw
 power in working 75kw
Total power 85kw
Printing  accuracy ±0.5mm
Die cutting accuracy ±1mm
Weight 35t
Overall size 8000*5300*2200mm

cardboard printing machine

Feeding unit

  1. The main motor adopts variable frequency motor and variable frequency controller, which is energy-saving and stable to start, and is equipped with motor starting protection device.
  2. The leading edge paper feeding system adopts German Rexroth servo control, light pressing leading edge paper feeding mechanism and multi-point servo drive.
  3. Air suction assisted paper feeding, 7.5kW high-pressure centrifugal fan, which can regulate the wind pressure with frequency conversion according to the bending degree of paperboard, so as to ensure the high-speed and accurate transmission of warped paperboard and thin paperboard.
  4. The side baffle is adjusted electrically (using PLC touch screen and electric digital adjustment), the front baffle is adjusted electrically synchronously, and the rear baffle box is adjusted electrically to speed up the setting speed.
  5. The die cutting part is equipped with interlocking control switch to realize emergency stop, stop feeding or resume feeding (in addition, it is equipped with acceleration and deceleration button of the whole machine), as well as each group of phase control and each group of plate roller traverse control switch (10.4 inch color touch screen to realize continuous control of the whole machine).
  6. Dust removal device multi row brush dust removal device in the paper feeding part, and equipped with strong negative pressure dust suction fan.

carton printing machine

Printing unit :

  1. Outer diameter of printing roller: 515.6mm (including plate outer diameter: ɸ 530mm)。 Full plate hanging groove, suitable for 10mm * 3mm plate hanging strip.
  2. The axial direction of the printing roller is electrically adjusted to the left and right, and is equipped with a limit device (controlled by PLC touch screen)
  3. Printing phase and axial adjustment: PLC touch screen control and electric digital 360 ° adjustment, variable frequency motor drive, and change the plate rolling circumferential direction according to requirements.
  4. Transmission bellows: vacuum adsorption transmission bellows, whole process roller type vacuum transmission (wear-resistant ceramic roller is adopted).
  5. Ceramic anilox roller: the outer diameter is ɸ 212mm。
  6. Phase adjustment mechanism: printing phase adjustment PLC computer display adjustment (both operation and stop can be adjusted).
  7. Ink supply system pneumatic two-way diaphragm pump, stable ink supply.
  8. Ink leveling and quick cleaning system:
  9. Printing phase fixing device

flexo die cutting and printing machine

Die cutting unit :

  1. Die roll (lower roll)
    Outer diameter ɸ 432mm。 The applicable die height is 25.4mm.
    The die cutting thickness is 16-18mm (for three-layer plate) and 13-15mm (for five-layer plate).
  2. The outer wall of rubber cushion roll (upper roll) is ɸ 434.2mm.  Electric digital and PLC touch screen adjust the clearance with the knife die roll.
  3. Traverse and repair device:
    Mechanical transverse 40mm, swimming device, die-cutting uniform weighing instrument, automatic compensation of linear speed, which can make the die-cutting rubber pad wear evenly and prolong the service life.
  4. The repair adopts electric repair device to improve the reuse rate of rubber pad, which can be repaired for 3-4 times.
    The pneumatic automatic separation device of die-cutting roll can reduce the wear of rubber pad and improve the service life.
  5. Version free fixture: add 4 slotted rings. Die cutting, quick exchange and multi-function in one, no template for conventional box. With thin knife slotting, the effect is the same, so as to save the production cost.
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