Fully auto Vacuum Adsorption high speed flexo printing die cutting machine with stacker

flexo carton printing die cutting machine china manufacturer LANLING

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auto corrugated cartonflexo printing die cutting machine LANLING

Machine function and characteristic:

  • The whole machine is in strict accordance with the European Union CE safety standard design, standardization, generalization and humanization. Basedon man-machine integration manufacturing concept, can be directly set on the touch screen, correction, executing, replacement, memory, and other functions, is a high cost performance products.
  • touch screen man-machine interface dialogue and double electric control system has the function of operation, has the intelligence to zero, the memory functions such as automatic reset, store order.
  • Adopt vacuum adsorption transfer paperboard ( feeder paper the roller the surface is ceramic ,increasing wear life),Row wheel of dislocation arrangement roller, strengthens the cardboard transmission stability, need not to use paper wheel can smoothly through the cardboard printing department.
  • Whole wallboard and important components, adopt aging treatment, eliminate the metal internal stress; Adopthigh precision machining centers, CNC grinding machine for grinding processing.
  • The machine shaft, roller are adopted high quality steel, grinding processing, high precision computer dynamic balancing correction and surface hard chromium plating.
  • The engine drive gear is adopted 20CrMnTi alloy steel, carburizing quenching treatment, hardness HRC58-62 and gear grinding processing precision level 6, and ensured the long-term use of tinted with high precision
  • Machine transmission parts (shaft, gear joint) are adopted free key connection (LOCK-ALX), the connection eliminate clearance. It is suitable for long-term high speed running with high torque.
  • The machine drive bearing ,important driving parts adopt The international famous brand: “NSK”,simple maintenance. long service life.
  • the engine lubrication system is adopted automatic spray type lubrication, equipped automatic level balance system. confirmevery unit the oil same level .
  • The machine is adopted adjustment preset functions, feeding , printing, die cutting, automatic zero resetting and memory automatic reset.
  • The machine working gap adjustment,  adopt PLC electrical or touch screen, Perform adjustment rapid, accurate, convenient .
  • one button split function, intelligent split, easy to erase and replace. After the combination, intelligent homing is unnecessary.

Intelligent lighting control, split bright, good fit, no switch control.

  • Quick change function of rubber roller and anilox roller:When changing the rubber roller and the anilox roller. It only takes half an hour to replace them, which greatly saves operation time and does not require professional technicians. Traditional needs at least one day.
  • The whole machine adopts double frequency conversion control, start working more smoothly, more energy efficient. Phaseadjustment is controlled by frequency converter, downtime, operation can be adjusted (PLC touch screen operation).
  • The machine can store commonly used orders, can store more than 999 orders, fast change orders, easy to operate.

Main technical parameter:

Design speed 300(piece/min)
Economic speed 180-220(piece/min)
Inside wallboard width 2600mm
Max. Paperboard size 2400*1200mm
Min. Paperboard size 400x600mm


Max. Printing size 2300*1200mm
Max. Skip paper feeding size 2400*1400mm
Max. Die cutting size 2400*1200mm
Standard formed thickness Hang plate7.2mm
Tinted precision ±0. 5mm
Die cutting precision ±1mm
Main motor power 18kw
Fan motor power 7.5kwx4pcs=30kw
Production power 48kw
Total power 55kw
Weight approximately


22 tons
Overall dimensions 5000*4700*2200mm
Overall dimensions(include stacking unit) 12500x4700x3000mm


automatic corrugated box printing machine


  • Auto feeder department:

1. The machine clutch:

1)The machine clutch electric control with alarm, moving last warning bell ring,

Ensure workers safety.

2)Pneumatic interlocking device, Locking is firm, convenient and accurate.

3)The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor, frequency conversion controller, energy saving, stable starting,

attached to the motor start protection device.

4) main engine self-locking function: the unit didn’t completely locking state, the main engine cannot be started, ensure the safety of the operator and machine; Host under normal working condition, the on-off function is automatically locked, avoid the wrong operation of the machine and personnel injury.


  1. Lead Feeder paper system

1)Using Germany Rexroth servo motor gently pressure on the leading edge paper-feeding mechanism, Has the response speed, high precision, good stability, The service life is long, etc the domestic advanced technology, its characteristic protection cardboard original strength, avoid collapse and thinning. Conducive to the smooth line pressing board after input, the system is stable, paper accurate, fast and suitable for all kinds of corrugated board

  • The suction assist feeder paper ,11 kw high pressure centrifugal fan, Accordingto the cardboard bending degree of                frequency conversion control air pressure ,to ensure warping board, thin board high-speed transmission.

3)Lift paperboard, drop  paperboard adopt cylinder push, move quick and powerful.

4)Side baffle is electrical adjustment( adopt the PLC touch screen and electrical digital modulation), front baffle is for

manual synchronous adjustment , back baffle is for electrical adjustment . this is can increasing set speed.

5)Feeder wheel is from Taiwan Madura brand, Durable Wear Resistant.

6)Skip feeding paper device,( can choose according to need continuous or skip feeder paper).To ensure a large

cardboard can also processing

7)10.4 -inch color touch screen control paper department, printing department, slotting department return zero at the same time, storage orders, memory reset, production speed of 60, 90, 120, cruise control, infrared photoelectric counting, can preset orders of production .

8) Die cutting department is equipped with interlocking control switch, emergency stop, stop or resume feeding (the other is equipped with the machine deceleration button), and phase control in each group and each group of roll horizontally shifting control switch.(10.4 -inch color touch screen, the realization of the whole machine control)

  1. Dust removal device

1) Paper brush dust removal device, and is equipped with strong negative pressure suction fan, can remove the board by a lot of dust on the surface of the printing, paper scraps, etc sundry, improve the quality of printing.

  1. Feeder paper roller ( double roller feeder paper)
  • Outer diameter: ɸ155 mm, up roller

2)45 # seamless steel tube, parcel wear-resisting rubber, and do dynamic balance correction.

  • Feeder Paper roller gap dial electrical adjustment( Touch screen PLC control),  adjustment range 0-12 mm .

4 ) The former feeder paper rubber roller (elastic rubber roller) for dynamic lift and fall , Automatically

adjust the pressure, can reduce the strength fracture of the corrugated board.

5.Pat to orderliness device

The machine have pneumatic Pat to orderliness device, Cardboard transverse positioning more accurate, avoid

waste.(computer control Pat to orderliness time).

  1. Computer device:

1) The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor, frequency converter adopt Delta from Taiwan, energy saving and

save electricity can reach 30%.

  • Fan adopts independent inverter control, wind pressure is adjustable .

Home screen adopt PLC control, human-machine interface

3) Printing department, slotting department is equipped with automatic zero set device, (general carton using

automatic zero device, testing-run two pieces cardboard can be adjusted to the correct position).

5) Automatic lift and down printing plate device, printing anilox roller lift and down in order also (computer delay), avoid

printing plate dip in ink for many times.

6) There is lack of ink alarm device, the real-time monitoring for the ink system working state, avoid no ink work.

fully automatic carton printing machine

  • Printing department

1、Printing roller:                                       

1)The outer diameter :390.6mm, (including the plate of the outer

diameter is: ɸ 405mm).

2)The steel tube surface grinding , hard chrome plating. Roll horizontal direction and circumferential direction have its

benchmark scribed line, convenient to Installation the printing plate

3)Computer dynamic balancing correction, eliminate the internal stress, grinding machining, hard chromium plating, smooth operation.

4)Ratchet fixed volume edition axis. the printing roller have the correction function, adjust the plate convenient and quick.

5)Full Plate Hanging plate slot, suitable for 10mm×3mmplate of the article

6)Loading and unloading of the print plate , pedal switch of electric control forward and reversing.

About printing roller horizontally move by electric adjustment, the maximum amount of move for about 10 mm, with

a limit switch (PLC touch screen control)

  • Printing and axial adjustment phase, phase structure of planetary gear type, PLC touch screen control and 360 °

electric digital adjustment, (downtime, boot can adjust) frequency conversion motor drive, according to the

requirements change version of roller circumferential rotation speed, accurate to 0.1 mm, fast and convenient,

printing roller to transverse PLC touch screen and electric digital adjustment, adjustment range, a total of 10 mm.

8) Adopt vacuum adsorption transfer paperboard ( feeder paper the roller the surface is ceramic ,increasing wear life),Row wheel of dislocation arrangement roller, strengthens the cardboard transmission stability, need not to use paper ring can smoothly through the cardboard printing department.

9) Hanging plate system: with fine adjustment function, operation is more simple and convenient. Save printing plate operation time.


2、Suction feeder bellows:

1)The printing pressure roller outer diameter :159.1mm . Steel pipe surface grinding, hard chromium plating.

Adopt the high quality fine machining of seamless tube, balance correction, smooth operation.

  • Vacuum adsorption transfer air fan, fullywheel model vacuum adsorption ( Roller adopt ceramic wheel, wear-resisting )

3)  Transfer table can up and down control, pressure roller gap computer and dial type control, adjustment range 0-12 mm.

3、ceramic anilox roller:

1)Outside diameter is :ɸ215 mm.

steel tube surface coating ceramic grinding, laser engraving anilox .

  • The Anilox mesh number : mesh No of unit 1 is 250. mesh No of unit 1 is 300. mesh No of unit 1 is 350.
  • Than steel anilox roll printing meticulously, wear-resisting, long service life.

5)90-130 line printing can be realized

4、Phase adjustment mechanism:

1)Planetary gear structure.

2)Printing phase electric digital 360 degrees adjustment (motion and stop all can be adjusted).

3).Frequency conversion motor drive, according to the requirements change version of roller circumferential rotation speed,

accurate to 0.1 mm, fast and convenient, printing roller to transverse PLC touch screen and electric digital adjustment,

adjustment range, a total of 10 mm,

4). Intelligent printing roller is reset, fit self-return after locking ( every time separate ,then combine, printing roller will reback to the original location )

5、Ink circulation

1)Pneumatic diaphragm pump, ink stability, convenient operation and maintenance

  • Ink filter, filtering impurities.
  • Circulating pneumatic up inking.
  • There is lack of ink alarm device, the real-time monitoring for the ink system working state, avoidno ink work.

6Rubble roller:

1) outer diameter: Ø205mm.

2) steel pipe surface parcel wear-resisting rubble, and do correction balance.

3) rubble roller middle high is the special grinding, ink transfer effect is good.

4) rubble hardness: Ø60-65 degrees.

7、Printing phase fixing device:

1)Electromagnetic clutch brake mechanism.

  • When the machine separate adjustment phase, the brake institutions limit the machine running, keeping the original gear fixed point position.
  1. Phase adjustment mechanism:

1) planetary gear structure.

2) printing phase electric digital 360 degrees adjustment (motion and stop all can be adjusted).

9,  Ink circulation

1) pneumatic diaphragm pump, ink stability, convenient operation and maintenance.

2) ink filter, filtering impurities.

  1. Printing phase fixing device

1) cylinder type brake device.

2) when the machine separate adjustment phase, the brake institutions limit the machine running, keeping the original gear fixed point position.

11, Oil supply device

1) mechanical oil pump (double oil pump, oil supply loop)

2) circulation oil, gear inking amount evenly, each group of oil level balance.

flexo printing machine with stacking unit

die cutting unit

1.The die cutter roller (down roller)

1)Outer diameter is: ɸ360mm . (not including die cutting mould )

  • Centrifugal casting steel cylinder, the computer dynamic balancing correction, surface grinding, hard chromium plating, and increase the running stability.
  • Die cutter mould fixed screw holes spacing of 100 * 100 mm

4)Apply to die cutting mould height 25.4 mm

  • Die cutting thickness is :16 to 18 mm (three layer board), 13-15 mm

(five layer board).

2、 rubber roller (up roller)

1)The outer wall is: ɸ388mm

2)Cast steel material, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.

3)Balance correction, increase the running stability.

4)Electric digital and PLC touch screen and cutting die roll gap adjustment.

5)Rubber gasket thickness 10 mm, ( outside diameter is: ɸ404mm ), width is 250 mm.

  • Lateral (horizontal)movement, repair device:

1)Mechanical type horizontal 40 mm, move device, die-cutting equalizer automatic compensation linear

speed ,can make the die cutting rubber gasket uniform wear, prolong service life.

2)Repair adopt electric repair device, improve the rubber gasket repeat utilization rate, can repair 3-4 times.

3)Die cutting roller automatic pneumatic separation device, reduce wear rubber gasket , thus improve the

service life.

  1. die cutting unit add slotting function .it is new patent technology .means  this unit can make special shape carton box and normally carton box .

5.the die cutting rubber import from German famous brand .easy installation and transfer. the edge of the die cutting knife is smooth. The service life is long .it can reach about 12 million times. greatly reduce the cost of production.

6.Stripping belt longitudinal output, convenient cleaning waste paper.

7.Line-pressing system:

pressing wheel on the use of high-strength rubber wheel, large diameter, and other advantages, line-pressing perfect molding will not be damaged. Moreover, it is only 10 minutes to replace it with quick changing wheel mode, which is easy and convenient.

auto stacker 

四、stacking unit 

  1. The height of stack is 1600mm.
  2. Therise and descending of the machine tool platform is driven by the powerful chain, the rise and descending motor has equipped the brake function, so the machine tool can keep the fixed position to prevent failing down.
  3. With the paperboard pilling to the higher lever, the machine tool platform automatically adjusts the tilling height. The organization or lift the paper by pneumatic motion, the paper receiving tray will automatically open and catch the paperboard while the paperboards are piled to the planned height.
  4. Setting the save protect device, which was force the platform can not failing down abruptly, can make the worker safety.
  5. The surface corrugated belt can prevent the sliding of the paperboard.

、Transmission gear

1)The main drive gear adopt 20 CrMnTi high quality alloy steel, after tempering

, high-frequency quenching, gear grinding.

2)Six levels of accuracy, smooth and unhindered operation, low noise, hardness HRC55-60, long service life, wear small, can

guarantee the printing matching color accuracy unchanged for a long time.

3) The machine gear are free-key link locking, free without gap junction, maintain long-term printing overprint accurate.

六、Oil supply device:

1)Mechanical oil pump(oil supply loop), each group of connection with oil level balancer, ensure that each group of oil

level balance.

  • Circulation oil, gear oil evenly.
  • Lubrication using close spray lubrication system to ensure the transmission accuracy of life
  • Machine to prevent oil leakage deceive institution .
  • Each unit equipped with oil window, real-time monitoring oiling amount
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