Corrugated Carton Automatic Inline Folder Gluer Flexo Printing Machine Price

Corrugated flexo printer slotter die cutter inline machine china manufacturer

  1. Automatic paper feeding, printing, die cutting, box sticking and baling integrated production line. Famous brand, quality assurance.
  2. Speed: medium speed and high speed are optional, and the conventional model is 1600-2600 mm.
  3. High intelligent configuration, automatic adjustment of data touch screen input. Store the order.
  4. Professional corrugated board printing and molding manufacturer. 18 years of manufacturing experience.
  5. A professional technical team will provide you with a one-stop solution for carton printing.
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HL-GYKM3000x900 Automatic vacuum transfer flexo 4 colors Printing Slotting Machine With Folder Gluer Line

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HL-GYKM3000x900 Automatic flexo 4 colors Printing Slotting Machine 

The whole machine is adopted international famous appliances and computer software, the quality is stable and reliable. Man-machine interface, computer order management, easy to operate. Replace the order faster (can be stored 999 orders in advance).

  • Whole wallboard and important components are adopted aging treatment, eliminate the metal internal stress. adopt high precision machining centers, CNC grinding processing for grinding processing.
  • The engine drive mainly gear is adopted 20CrMnTi alloy steel, carburizing, quenching, treatment, hardness HRC58-62 and gear grinding processing precision level 6, and ensured the long-term use of tinted with high precision.
  • The machine shaft, roller are adopted high quality steel, grinding processing, high precision computer dynamic balancing correction and surface hard chromium plating.
  • Machine transmission parts (shaft, gear joint) are adopted free key connection (LOCK-ALX), the connection eliminate clearance. It is suitable for long-term high speed with high torque.
  • The machine drive bearing, important driving parts adopt Heavy-duty self-aligning bearing., simple maintenance, long service life.(HRB is in domesticbrand).
  • Adopt vacuum adsorption transfer paperboard ( feeder paper the roller the surface is ceramic ,increasing wear life),Row wheel of dislocation arrangement roller, strengthens the cardboard transmission stability, need not to use paper wheel can smoothly through the cardboard printing department.
  • The engine lubrication system is adopted automatic spray type lubrication, equippedwith double oil level balance system.
  • The machine is adopted adjustment preset function, feeding, printing, die cutting, automatic zero resetting, memory automatic reset.
  • It adopts Working gap adjustment, rapid adjustment without wrench, quick performance and convenient adjustment.
  • The main motor is adopted frequency conversion control. It makes start, running more steadily and save more energy.
  • Optional: ceramic aniloc roller, doctor blade and set ink system, stacking machine.
  • There is lack of ink alarm device and the real-time monitoring for the ink working condition system.

SYFC-3000 folder gluer unit

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SYFC3000 The design and manufacture of SYFC-3000 carton automatic glue machine conforms to printing, slotting, folding, bonding and stacking. It has the functions of carrying, applying glue, folding and forming several layers automatically. Using PLC control, touch screen operation and pre-storage and management of orders. Its high-speed production capacity, fast-changing orders and good stability can meet the shorter and shorter delivery cycle requirements of our carton customers.

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Glue, transfer unit

  • Computer-controlled automatic setting of the fuselage and glue application position
  • The paper inlet is powered by an electric hair roller and high-pressure air blower to clean the cut corner waste edge, and completely remove the waste edge
  • Pneumatically adjust the tension of the conveyor belt, automatically release the conveyor belt during paper jam detection
  • Spring-loaded conveyor wheels, no need to adjust the pressure of conveyor belt and cardboard
  • Secondary crimping: the side pressing wheel re-crimps the passing cardboard to make the folding more accurate
  • Optional Italian ERO, American VALCO and other well-known brands of glue spraying system, without any settings, automatically adjust the length of the glue line

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Folding and correcting unit

  • Strong suction fan to ensure the accurate transmission of cardboard during the conveying process
  • The speed of the right and left correction belts can be adjusted separately to reduce the occurrence of scissors difference
  • The main power adopts frequency conversion motor to ensure the synchronization with the printing machine
  • Paper jam checking device, automatic emergency stop when cardboard conveying is not smooth
  • All power is driven by synchronous belt, with simple structure, low noise, stable operation and low vibration

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Counting and pushing unit

  • Counting and pushing out part of cardboard falling way
  • Three groups of servo motors together constitute the functions of accurate counting, accumulation and output under high-speed operation
  • Computer control automatically sets the number of palletized cartons
  • Strong wind pressure device makes the glued cardboard fall smoothly
  • Fully aligning and correcting device, effectively improve the phenomenon of scissors difference
  • The rear baffle can be adjusted automatically or manually according to the specifications of the cardboard
  • Automatic emergency stop when the cardboard is not discharged smoothly
  • Pneumatic paper pushing mechanism pushes the stacked cartons at high speed
  • Electric left and right moving device (aligned to the center)

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Main technical parameters of folder gluer unit

name HFG-2000  HFG-2800  HFG-3000 
920  924  1200  1200  1400
Max working speed (pcs/min)  300 200  120 
Min folding size A  mm 180  200  240 
Min folding size B mm 150  180  200 
Minimum spacing mm 330  380  440 
The min width of cardboard mm  280  320  400
The max cardboard size E mm  900  1200  1400 
The min cardboard H  mm 660 760  880
Max feeding size H  mm 2000  2800  3000 
Size of F  mm 40 
THK   mm 1.6-8
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