Corrugated Cardboard Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine

Corrugated Carton Cardboard Slitting Scoring Machine china manufacturer

  1. it is Corrugated cardboard slitter scorer machine and working for 3.5.7 ply of corrugated board with a thickness range of 1-12mm.
  2. 1.2mm ultra thin blade. Cut the edge of the cardboard perfectly.
  3. The price is low, the processing speed is fast, and the slitting cardboard is beautiful.
  4. Equipped with safety net, according to CE standard.
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Main function and characteristic:

This machine is on the basis of the original models to be improved, and the machine in the process of operation, more simple and quick, repair rate is low, the efficiency is greatly is the necessary equipment at the front of the flexo printing slotting die cutting machine .

  1. Cutting bladeUSES the thin blade technology, tungsten alloy materials, service life is long, thin blade thickness is only 1.2 mm, cutting out the cardboard issmooth, no burr, no crushed phenomenon, and the straightness is good, the quality of the cardboard to get great improvement.
  2. The machine adopts double rubber roller (strong rubber ) guiding paper, bottom bladessynchronous moving, rolling line at five pointsof design, good straightness, reasonable structure, convenient operation, high efficiency
  3. The grinding bladefunction, using the manual and automatic two ways to sharpen, convenient, quick, can work while sharpening, thus greatly improve the work efficiency.
  4. Drive way, the main drive ischain transmission, low noise, low maintenance rate, thin blade drive adopt imported synchronous belt transmission, low noise, long service life
  5. Electrical components, the main motor adopts the electromagnetic adjustable speed motor, smooth operation, the revolution is adjustable, components adoptschneider, Siemens and other brands

Thin blade cutting and indentation machine (common type, first feed paper, then  pressing line )

  1. The double roller guide feeding paper
  2. Pneumatic grinding function
  3. Manually adjust the wrench
  4. Controller of sharpenning
    The electronic counter

technical parameter 

Model BFY-DZ 2500
The configuration type 4blade 6 scoring
Max feeding paperboard size(mm) 2600mm
Max cutting paperboard size 2500mm
Min cutting paperboard size 150mm
    Min slitting width 230mm
Min feeding length 450mm
Min scoring width 40/135mm
Working speed 160m/min
Thin blade size Ø200x122x1.2mm
Grade of thin blade High speed tungsten carbide
Machine drive Electric/pneumatic
Feeding manual
Layer of paperboard 2003-5-7
Scoring high 0-12mm
Slitting and scoring precision ±0.5mm
Scoring distance Manual adjust
Electric component Schneider
Bearing brand HRB
Motor Changjiang
Counting yes
Main motor power 5kw
Weight About1.4T
Overall dimension(mm) 1500x4000x1500mm
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