Corrugated Cardboard Auto Stripper Machine

Auto vibrating stripping machine china manufacturer

  1. The stripper machinematched with a rotarydie-cutting machine to remove waste cardboard.
  2. The speed ranges from 60-300 tablets / minute.
  3. Low price and good waste removal effect.
  4. Connecting with the auto stacker greatly reduces labor.
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Vibrating waste remover

Functions and features of auto stripper machine :

  • the machine adopts the rotation movement of double vibrating shafts to drive the belt to vibrate up and down, which plays a role in cleaning the waste after cutting by the circular die.
  • the high-speed operation is stable. The vibration shaft and conveyor belt are driven by independent motors, so that the vibration frequency of the vibration shaft and the transmission speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted separately to meet the waste removal requirements of different paperboards.
  • the front and rear pulleys are made of high-strength nylon, which is light and beautiful.
  • equipped with waste cleaning brush and waste cleaning fan to make the waste cleaning effect more thorough.
  • transverse conveying device to transport waste paper scraps to the side of the machine for easy collection and cleaning.
  • the extended design of the paper receiving workbench is convenient for paper receiving.
  • the spring pressing plate device makes the waste paperboard more neat and not skew.
  • vibration motor power: 2.2kW, variable frequency speed regulation.
  • transmission motor power: 2.2kW, variable frequency speed regulation.
  • waste discharge motor power: 0.37kw, speed ratio 60.
  • dust removal fan power: 0.37kw, 3 sets.
  • power of conveying motor of paper receiving workbench: 0.37kw, speed ratio: 100.
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