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HL-TMJ-A 1300 type vacuum full automatic flute laminator machine


Machine specification:

  1. the vacuum suction paper feeding system can guide the paper
    Insert the machine accurately. Cycle the stacking plane so that it is in
    The next batch of paper is stacked continuously to make it more efficient.
  2. automatic paper feeding for paper loading and unloading. Fine adjustable
    Top paper pneumatic correction system to ensure lamination accuracy;
    Friction paper suction tape ensures that the bottom paper is fed without failure.
  3. automatic bottom paper suction and feeding is adopted according to
    The host runs fast and can track continuously and automatically.
  4. the machine runs stably, and the surface paper is made of corrugated paper
    The paper joint is very accurate. Corrugated paper will never take the lead,
    The position of the surface paper is easy to adjust.
  5.  the machine adopts touch screen / PLC / servo motor control system,
    The circuit system is stable and can display automatically
    Fault alarm.
  6. automatic gluing, and the glue can be recycled to avoid
    Glue waste.
  7. the roller is designed scientifically to avoid glue flying out when the speed is fast
  8. the pressure roller adopts one-way adjustment, which is convenient and fast.
  9. the rocker controls the lifting of the cleaning roller, which is convenient for cleaning.
  10. the counter design is scientific and easy to record your amount
    Already working.

Technical Parameters

model MJ-1500
Max. Covering size 1500×1250mm
Min. Covering size 400×400mm
Machinery highest speed 100pcs/min
Electric machine power 12kw
Area /machine 10×2.2 x2.4m
Precision ±1.5mm
Cardboard THK 3/4/5layer  less 12mm
Face paper 150-600g
Weight 5.5T
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