Carton Strapper Semi Automatic PP Strapping Machine

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This machine is applicable in various size packaging of the goods, such as books and magazines, cardboard boxes, postal parcels and other items bundled package.

It’s semi-automatic strapping machine, automatically insert packing with the poly belt, heat bonding, cut out with the banding process, and can automatically shut down.

Electricity saving device, the motor automatically stops running after 35 sec. and pauses to reduce normal wearing and to prolong the m/c life, less malfunction and easy maintenance, standard accessories, stable quality and durable.


  1. Special design-control PP strap cooling time .it can make the PP strap to fasten well at any time.
  2. The electricity-saving device, the motor automatically stops running at once after one cycle strap to reduce the normal wear and to prolong the machine life
  3. Non-fast heater plate, it will increase the work efficiency. The advanced PCB microchip board control system, less malfunction
  4. Installed an auxiliary/reset switch and tension adjust switch at the control panel you operate conveniently.
  5. Fast work speed, high efficiency, save time and effort, high quality for packaging
  6. Possess the CE certificate to guarantee the quality of products
  7. Roller working table

Technical Parameters:

Model: DB1200
Strapping Tension: 40-80N adjustable
Mini Strapping Size: 80*60 mm(W*H)
Max Strapping Size: 1200*600 mm(W*H)
Strapping Speed: 1.5m/s
PP Belt width: 5- 9mm
PP Belt Reel Outer Diameter Size: 400-450 mm
PP Belt Reel Inner Diameter Size: 200-210 mm
PP Belt Reel Width: 175-190 mm
Voltage: 220V/50-60Hz
Power: 400 W
Table Height: 750 mm
Loading Capacity: 80 kg
Welding Way: Heating
Dimension: 1600*620*1535mm
Packing size: 1700*700*1600 mm
Weight: 160KG
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