Carton Making Machinery Semi Auto Rotary Slotter Machine

Carton semi auto rotary slotter machine china factory

  1. Semi automatic slotting machine is the slotting function of corrugated board, which is suitable for conventional cartons.
  2. The height adjustment of the carton is four knife synchronization, length adjustment, simple operation, and saving the time of changing orders.
  3. The phase adopts planetary gear structure, electric 360 adjustment and digital display.
  4. The electrical appliances are of international famous brands, with guaranteed quality and stable performance.
  5. Punching, buckle device and free board quaternion die cutting device are optional.
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The Machine technique parameter:

 Model Unit Φ400 Φ480 Φ535 Φ600 Φ735
Max.speed PCS/min 60 60 60 60 60
Max.paper feeding size mm 2400















Min.paper feeding size mm 350*600 400*600 420*600 420*600 500*700
Slotting width*depth mm 7*300 7*350 7*400 7*450 7*550
Phase adjustment Electric 360 Electric 360 Electric 360 Electric 360 Electric 360

The main function:

This machine adopts the combined chain feeding mode, and the double side gauge is positioned to ensure the accuracy of the paper feeding slot. It is a kind of comprehensive equipment, which is used for corrugated board, trimming, slotting, creasing, punching, and several processes. Its main characteristics are high production efficiency, simple operation, convenient and low failure rate.

  1. main wallboard is made of high quality cast iron, which is finished by a large machining center.
  2. main drive gears are helical gear, 45# steel, shaving processing, grinding high-frequency quenching.
  3. drive roller for high quality 45# steel, by grinding, plating hard chromium and other processes.
  4. electrical appliances: the main parts of Schneider, SIEMENS and other imported components, its stability greatly increased, the main motor using electromagnetic speed control motor, high stability.
  5. tool for the production of Qingdao, uses the high quality steel material, forging, quenching process, finishing, tooth shape design (April teeth) teeth sharp, durable.
  6. electronic count, counting alarm device.
  7. phase using planetary gear structure, electric 360 degrees positive and negative adjustment, digital displayLocking device to ensure accurate slotting.Lubrication device: using circulating oil, oil spill device, reduce noise, reduce gear wear, improve service life.
  8. synchronous box Height: four knives moving at the same time, easy to operate, fast, and higher accuracy.
  9. the machine can be equipped with drilling hand clasping device, optional free version of four model.

Slotting Department

1.Feeder paper upper and lower roller

  • upper roller, the outer diameter of:Ø124 mm, thick wall steel pipe, with four feeder paper roller.
  • lower roller,the outer diameter:Ø190 mm, thick wall steel pipe, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
  • paper roller gap dial manual adjustment, adjustment range 0-12 mm.

2.Press line device

  1. grinding shaft diameter of 124 g was obtained, the surface hard chromium plating, stable movement.
  2. balance correction and smooth operation.
  3. press roller adopts French Martin technology, hard press soft, straight line and not explosive line.
  4. adjust the clearance of the press wheel gap manually, adjust the range of 0-12mm.

3 . Slotting tool seat traverse adjusting mechanism

  1. shaft diameter 215mm, surface grinding, hard chromium plating, stable movement.
  2. the width of slotting cutter is 7mm.
  3. the alloy steel material is grinded by heat treatment, and the slotting cutter is good in hardness and toughness.
  4. alloy steel after grinding by heat treatment edge knife, sharp edge, high precision

4. Slotting phase adjustment mechanism

  1. planetary gear mechanism.
  2.  slot phase electric digital 360 degree adjustment (operation, stop adjustment).
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