Carton Gluing Machine Automatic Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine

Automatic corrugated carton folder gluer machine china manufacturer

  1. The fully automatic high-speed box folding gluing model is suitable for the gluing of conventional corrugated boxes.
  2. Frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, and PLC touch screen is configured, so the operation is simple and reliable.
  3. Automatic paperboard feeding, with a speed of 150 pieces / minute, high production capacity and labor cost saving.
  4. Conventional size can make corrugated board gluer 430-2800mm. Larger sizes can be customized. It can be made up to 6000 mm.
  5. The delivery period is 30 days.
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  1. Average glueing speed should be 8000-10000pcs per min, which improves productivity greatly.
  2. Two workers should assist to deal with whole producing line. Paperboard feeding, glueing, folding, adjusting, acounting can be done automatically.
  3. Adopted leather belt delivery feeding with airdraft.
  4. All convery belts were tooth nailed for accuracy. It equipped re-pressing function so that even more accurate whenfolding.
  5. Automatic re-adjusting if happen paper skew. Lowen defective rate.
  6. Improving folding accuracy if happen paper skew through differential adjusting function. Scissors shapetail could nothappen.
  7. Automatic accounting, shape adjusting then stacking. All carton can be piled up according to a cartain quanlity.
  8. Can match with automatic strapping machine.

Main technology parameter:

 Model HL-2400 HL-2600 HL-2800
Max.Cardboard 900x2200mm 1200x2400mm 1200x2600mm
Min.Cardboard 300x800mm 300x800mm 300x800mm
Overall dimensions 12800x2850x2250mm 12800x3050x2250mm 12800x3250x2250mm
Power Required 10kw 11kw 12kw

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Feeding Unit-leather belt feeder with vacuum suction

  • Feeder belt made of leather belt with holes, vacuum suction for supporting paper board feeding.
  • Available for feeding BENT paperboard
  • Clutch and break function adopted in feeding unit enable to feed paper or stop seperately,easy to operate and control

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Secondary Correction Part

To eliminate the fish-tail for a better yield.

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Received the Department of Paper Plastic:

Finished boxes automatic counting,plastic,stacked neatly,quasi-yards out,stacking velocity 130m/min.

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