Carton Box Gluer Semi Auto Folding Gluing Machine

Semi auto folding gluing machine china factory

  1. The semi-automatic gluing machine is applicable to the gluing of all kinds of conventional corrugated boxes.
  2. Professional box gluing machine manufacturer with 16 years of manufacturing experience.
  3. Manually feed the paperboard at the speed of 60 pieces / minute. Fast speed, good molding, low price, high cost performance.
  4. Stainless steel rubber barrel and copper rubber wheel are used, with strong corrosion resistance.
  5. The delivery period is 14 days and the warranty period is 48 months
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BZX2800 Type Semi-auto gluer compose of main form and two small conveyer.

Main form including:Form,up and down working table.Forepart feeding section,side carton delivery section,electric transportation section.middle press section.side carton delivery section,electric control system.This machine adopt name brand import electric spare parts,siemens electric,mron photoelectricity switch,Japan TOKY Taiwan MINGWEI electric power supply Gluer head adopt special alloy.

Technical parameters:

 Max.size(L+W)×2 2800mm
 Min.size(L+W)×2 340mm
Max.size(W+H)×2 1515mm
Min.size(W+H)×2 260mm
High of feeder 1000mm
Power 4kw
Machine length 5300mm
Machine weight 1500kg
Machine speed 60PCS/min

semi auto folding gluing machine


BZX2800 type semi-auto gluer compose of main form and two conveyer.

Main form including: Form, up and down working table. Forepart feeding section, forepart proofread section, middle transportation section, middle press section, side carton delivery section, electric control system.

  1. automatic counting, the number of finished sheets do well (1-999) can set the number of points to the stack conveyor terminus to facilitate tying.
  2. Fan air-dry function accelerate carton adhesive, reducing the production of defective products.
  3. The finished product produced by the half finished product is arranged in order to operate with only two persons, which is convenient to operate, and the wage is reduced.
  4. Middle tapping function, effectively avoid the phenomenon of cardboard boxes appear scissors fork.
  5. The yield was about eight hours 12000 boxes.
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