Carton Baler Automatic PP Strapping Machine

Automatic corrugated box PP strapper machine china factory

  1. Full automatic baling machine is matched with auto box gluer machine and auto printer die cutter machine.
  2. Quick order change, adjustment takes about 2 minutes, and the operation is simple and convenient.
  3. With a high degree of automation, PLC and encoder are used for adjustment and calculation, with numbers input and one key adjustment.
  4. The high speed model, and it can cooperate with the machine for 200 pieces / min
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Usage and characteristic:

Automatic strapping machine is mainly used in automatic sticky box machine/output after automatic strapping automatic order box machine, the machine by turning, taken together, pressurized banding.Using PP strapping, strong, do not rebound, paper edge damage.The whole process automatically, without human intervention, can save a lot of artificial cost.Such as color, paper products factory packaging equipment for increasing the income of enterprises and reducing consumption.

Main structure

The machine contains four parts: Receive board and turn part, clear up and patting part, delivery part, pressure strapping part.

carton packaging machine

Each part characteristic and function

 (1)Receive board and turn part

  1. Smoothlyreceive cardboard before prior conveying.
  2. Double touch type steering, will be 90 degrees of corner cardboard.

 (2)clear up and patting part

  1. can be adjusted according to different specifications carton size.
  2. arrange positioning automatically four direction taken together, and then delivery.

(3)delivery part

After finishing send carton smoothly, improve the work efficiency;

(4)pressure strapping part

  1. pneumatic pressure will be more than one solid board.
  2.  PP belt automatically, the elastic can be adjusted, paper edge damage light.
  3. automatic adaptation cardboard size.
  4. photoelectric sensing detection strap position.
  5. 1~2 Road, the use of knob switch
  6. strapping automatically after delivery.

    (5)work procedure

Receive paper and ture——→pat and clear up——→delivery——→press and strap  ——→finish delivery

Technique parameter

  1. Max.paperboard: 1200 x 1200
  2. Min. paperboard : 300 x 400  working speed: 8.5 bundle * 2 / min
  3. packing line total power (including steering machine, box machine, pressurized power packing machine): 3KW;
  4. power supply: three phase five wire AC380V (1+10%) 50Hz;
  5. steering machine (L2210 W2050 H1350);
  6. close box machine (L1800 W2050 H1350);
  7. packer (L1500 W665 H1792)
  8. working ability: 10-18 pieces / points;
  9. working environment: relative humidity is less than 90%, temperature is 0-40 degrees Celsius, noise is less than equal to 75dB (A);
  10. bandwidth 5. 12 .mm
  11. disc specifications: the inner diameter of the band core of the band 200mm-210mm, the outer diameter of the band 400-450mm, the band width 175-190mm;
  12. bonding method: thermal fusion;
  13. bonding method: bottom bonding, adhesive surface more than 90%, adhesive position deviation less than equal to 2mm;
  14. bundle tightness: 0-45Kg;
  15. gas source pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa; 14. roller material: stainless steel;
  16. cylinder diameter: 50mm, wall thickness: 1.5mm;
  17. transmission speed: 0-50m/min
  18. Overall dimensions:  5800 x 2300 x 1800 mm
  19. Power supply :  three phase four phase distribution (three-phase 380 v + zero)
  20. Weight: 2.1 T
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