cardboard platen die cutting creasing machine corrugated carton die cutter

Corrugated cardboard platen die cutter automatic Creasing and die cutting machine for paperboard

1. It is used for die cutting and creasing of special-shaped paper boxes and corrugated paper boxes.
2. Automatic paper feeding. Greatly increase production capacity and save labor.
2. Perfect after-sales service team. Guide installation and training throughout the process.
3. Delivery time of conventional models is 30 days.
4. Flexible payment methods.
5. The after-sales service for the extra long warranty period is 24 months.

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       MY-1300 automatic cardboard high speed platen die cutting and creasing machine

paper die cutting machine

MY-1300 full-automatic die cutting and creasing machine is the main equipment for producing paper boxes, corrugated paper boxes and other paper boxes of different shapes.
The platen die cutter machine adopts Japanese Yaskawa servo system, four axis motion controller, pressure free feed system, high-strength gripper row, full swing front guide rail, automatic push guide rail, high-precision spacing structure, and pneumatic locking plate. Pneumatic clutch, overload protector and automatic paper feeding enable our machine to have short paper feeding distance, correct positioning, orderly paper receiving, and die-cutting without clamps. Ensure the operation stability and service life of the machine.
The electrical components and transmission components of the machine are of international famous brands. Ensure the die-cutting accuracy and transmission stability during use. The electrical control system monitors and displays the whole machine and operation by PLC and electronic cam. It is very convenient to diagnose machine faults.
The computer control makes the whole machine run automatically, and the human-machine interface displays the working status and troubleshooting methods. To ensure the safety and reliability of the machine. It is equipped with many sensors and protective devices to ensure the safety of the machine and workers.

Technical parameter


Item Parameters Parameters
Model MY-1100 MY-1300
Die cutting type Pressed flat die cutting(Lower side is movable while upper side is unmovable) Pressed flat die cutting(Lower side is movable while upper side is unmovable)
Max paper transmitting size 1100*780mm 1320*980mm
Min paper transmitting size 400*350mm 400*500mm
Max die cutting size 1100*760mm 1300*960mm
Min gripper size 5mm 5mm
Max die cutting pressure 350N/cm² 350N/cm²
Paper processed Cardboard        200-2000 gsm

Corrugated board  ≦ 7mm

Cardboard        200-2000 gsm

Corrugated board  ≦ 7mm

Max die cutting speed 7000 sheets/h 5000 sheets/h
Max feeding pile height 1100mm(above the level) 1400mm(above the level)
Min feeding pile height 1100mm(above the level) 1250mm(above the level)
Total power ~17 kw ~18 kw
Total weight ~15.5 T ~16.5 T





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