Automatic High Speed Rotary Slotting Machine For Carton

High speed carton rotary slotting machine china manufacturer

  1. The full-automatic slotting machine is suitable for corrugated cardboard with 3/5/7 layers. Make regular cartons.
  2. Automatic paperboard feeding, high-speed machine 180pcs/ min. Greatly improve the production capacity.
  3. The adjustment of carton size adopts PLC digital electric adjustment and touch screen input data. The change time is within 3 minutes.
  4. The width of the slotting knife is 7mm. Alloy material.
  5. The delivery period is 30 days. The warranty period is 48 months.
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Machine function and characteristic:

  • the whole machine adopts internationally famous brand electrical appliances and computer software, with stable and reliable quality.
  • high precision machining center and CNC grinder are used for grinding the integral wall panel.
  • the engine transmission gear is forged with 40Cr and quenched with high frequency
  • the transmission parts of the machine (shaft and gear joints) are connected by free key (lock-alx)
  • the transmission bearings and important transmission parts of the machine adopt international well-known brands.
  • the engine lubrication system adopts automatic spray lubrication and is equipped with automatic oil balancing device.
  • adopt working clearance adjustment and quick adjustment without wrench.
  • the machine adopts double frequency converter design.

feeding unit

carton slotting machine

  1. Full automatic air suction paper feeding, which can bend according to different levels of paperboard, and the air volume can be adjusted to ensure the smooth feeding of bent paperboard and thin paperboard.
  2. The feeding wheel adopts Taiwan maxdura brand, which is durable and wear-resistant.
  3. 7-inch touch screen is installed, which can automatically display the production quantity and production speed, and set the production quantity.
  4. The main motor adopts variable frequency motor.
  5. The main screen adopts PLC control and man-machine interface
  6. The touch screen controls the paper department, cruise control, infrared photoelectric counting, and can preset production orders.
  7. The whole machine adopts the combined control of light, electricity and gas, which is convenient to operate

 slotting unit

rotary slotting machine

  1. Width of slotting knife: 7mm. Alloy steel material, gear grinding and slotting cutter after heat treatment, double piece trimming cutter.
  2. The slotting tool holder is adjusted by high-precision PLC touch screen. The size of the carton is directly input and adjusted automatically.
  3. Carton height adjustment adopts internal tooth structure, PLC digital electrical adjustment and touch screen control.
  4. The tool holder adopts ten electric spiral drum design, with good synchronization.
  5. The elastic angle cutter structure can cut three or five layers of paperboard without adjustment.
  6. Slotting knife carton height adjustment has anti-collision protection, which will not damage the machine
  7. The slotting phase adjustment mechanism adopts PLC and electric digital 360 degrees. The phase motor is controlled by frequency conversion, and can be adjusted for operation or stop.

Stacking department

  1. The paper receiving arm can be operated manually or automatically, with safety mechanism and safety device.
  2. The lifting of the bed table is driven by a strong chain.
  3. The stacking height is 1600mm.
  4. The bed table automatically adjusts the tilt with the stacking height of paperboard, high speed, lifting motor, with braking function.
  5. Pneumatic paper lifting mechanism.
  6. Flat wrinkled belt to prevent cardboard from sliding.

Main technical parameters

2800*∮480(1400)auto rotary slotting machine
 width of machine inside 2800mm
design speed  160pcs/min
 economic speed 80-140pcs/min
 max paper size 2600 x 1400
 min paper size positive knife400 x 720  negative  knife 400 x 740
max skip feeding paper size 2600 x 1600
mm paperboard thickness 2-12mm
slotting width*max slotting depth 7×350 mm slot depth
mm min slot distance mm positive knife  170x170x170x170

negative knife  260x90x260x90

main motor power 7.5 kw
wind motor power 7.5 kw
working power 15 kw
total power 20 kw
mm slotting precision ±1
 weight 7  T
Boundary dimension   mm 4800*3000*2000mm
Boundary dimension(with stacker) 10200*4800*3000mm
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