Automatic Feeder Corrugated Flexo Printing Slotting And Die Cutting Machine

Flexo printing slotting rotary die-cutting corrugated carton making machine

  • Automatic paper feeding, improve production capacity and reduce labor.
  • The electric regulating device is simple and time-saving.
  • Competitive price, factory low price direct selling.
  • Specializing in manufacturing Carton machinery. 14 years manufacturing experience.
  • Exports to more than 60 countries, perfect after-sales service.
  • Well known brand with guaranteed quality.
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The Machine technique parameter:


Color group

to be configured according to user’s needs
2 Printing paper  

A,B,C,A/B,B/C and A/B/C type corrugated paperboard(the maximum interval 11mm)

3 Width of machine inside 2600mm 2800mm 3000mm
4 max.paper size 1200×2400mm 1400 ×2600mm      1600×2800mm
5 Max.printing size 1200×2300mm 1400 ×2500mm 1600×2600mm
6 Skip feeding paper 1400×2400mm 1600 ×2600 1800×2800
8 Printing plate thickness 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm
9 Design speed(piece/min) 180pcs/min 150pcs/min 150pcs/min
10 Economic speed(piece/min) 80-160pcs/min 80-130pcs/min 80-100pcs/min
11 Tinted precision  ±0.5mm  ±0.5mm  ±0.5mm
12 Slotting precision ±1.5mm ±1.5mm ±1.5mm
13 Max.slotting depth 7×300mm 7×350mm 7×400mm
increase the blade, increase the slot depth
14 Max.die-cutting size 1200×2300mmmm 1400×2500mm 1600×2700mm
15 Printing plate diameter(contain plate thickness) ɸ405mm ɸ480mm ɸ530mm

Function and characteristic

  • Whole wallboard and important components are adopted aging treatment, eliminate the metal internal stress. adopt high precision machining centers, CNC grinding processing for grinding processing.
  • The engine drive mainly gear is adopted 40CrMn alloy steel, carburizing, quenching, treatment, and gear grinding processing precision level 6, and ensured the long-term use of tinted with high precision.
  • The machine shaft, roller are adopted high quality steel, grinding processing, high precision dynamic balancing correction and surface hard chromium plating.
  • Machine transmission parts (shaft, gear joint) are adopted free key connection (LOCK-ALX), the connection eliminate clearance. It is suitable for long-term high speed with high torque.
  • The machine drive bearing, important driving parts adopt Heavy-duty self-aligning bearing. NSK brand from Japan, simple maintenance, long service life. others adopted HRB brand in domestic
  • The engine lubrication system is adopted automatic spray type lubrication, equippedwith double oil level balance system.
  • The main motor is adopted frequency conversion control. It makes start, running more steadily and save more energy.
  • Intelligent lighting control, split bright, good fit, no switch control.
  • The die cutting part is driven independently by servo motor. Make the machine run more smoothly and with higher precision.

The Machine technique parameter:

auot 3colors printing slotting machine (7)

Feeding unit:

  1. Electric separation of the unit. Pneumatic interlocking device
  2. The main motor adopts variable frequency motor and variable frequency controller, which can save energy and start stably.
  3. Automatic air suction and paper feeding. The air volume can be adjusted according to the different bending degree of the paperboard to ensure smooth paper feeding.
  4. The side baffle is adjusted electrically, and the front baffle and rear baffle box are adjusted manually.
  5. Seven inch computer touch screen control (display production, count alarm, phase adjustment).
  6. Brush dust removal device of paper feeding part.

carton printer machine


Printing unit :

    1. Printing phase electric digital 360 degree adjustment (both operation and stop can be adjusted)
    2. The printing roller is equipped with plate hanging groove to load and unload the printing plate. The forward and reverse directions are electrically controlled by the foot switch.
    3. Manually adjust the gap dial of the paper feeding roller, with the adjustment range of 0-12mm.
    4. Printing phase electric digital 360 degree adjustment (both operation and stop can be adjusted).
    5. Pneumatic diaphragm pump, stable ink supply, convenient and fast operation and maintenance.
    6. The printing phase is fixed and equipped with cylinder brake device. Keep the original gear position fixed point.

dongguang carton machinery

Slotting unit :

  1. The wire pressing wheel adopts French Martian Technology, which is hard and soft, straight and non explosive.
  2. The width of slotting knife is 7mm. Alloy steel material.
  3. The wire pressing wheel and slotting cutter seat are adjusted horizontally by electric adjustment.
  4. Slotting phase electric digital 360 degree adjustment (both operation and stop can be adjusted).
  5. Synchronous box height adjustment: Electric 360 ° adjustment, convenient and fast operation, and higher accuracy.
  6. The punching device can be optional as required.
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