automatic corrugation plant 5layer corrugated cardboard production line

cardboard manufacturing machine automatic corrugating 5ply making machine

1. Our company specializes in corrugated cardboard production line.
2. Powerful factory can be OEM.
3. The production speed range is 60-250 m/min. The width range is 1200-2500mm.
4. Perfect production management and quality management. Professional after-sales service team.
5. Competitive price and high cost performance.


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WJ200-1800 five layer corrugated paperboard production line

1 Effective width 1800mm 2 Design produce speed 200m/min
3 Three layer economic speed 150-180m/min 4 Five layer economic speed 120-160m/min
5 Seven layer economic speed —————— 6 Maximum order change speed 100m/min
7 Longitudinal separation accuracy ±1mm 8 Cross-cutting precision ±1mm


Speed the above targets required to achieve:effective width1800mm,Comply with the following standards and ensure the paper’s equipment condition 175 ℃ heating surface temperature.
Top paper index 100g/㎡–200g/㎡  Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥8    (Water containing8-10%)
Core paper index 80g/㎡–160g/㎡  Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥5.5  (Water containing8-10%)
In paper index 90g/㎡–160g/㎡    Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥6    (Water containing8-10%)
9 Flute combination
10 Steam requirement The maximum pressure 10kg/cm2 Common pressure8-10kg/cm2 use4000kg/Hr
11 Electricity demand AC380V 50Hz 3PH
12 Compressed air The maximum pressure 8kg/cm2 Common pressure5-7kg/cm2 use1m3/min
13 Space ≈Lmin80m*Wmin10m*Hmin5m(The actual drawing to provider to provide audited prevail)

Customer owned section

1、Steam heating system:proposal with 4000Kg / Hr of a steam boiler. Pressure:1.25Mpa steam pipeline.

2、Air compressed machine、air pipeline、glue conveying pipe.

3、Power supply、wires connected to the operation panel and line pipe.

4、Water sources、water pipelines、buckets and so on.

5、Water, electricity, gas flush mounting civil foundation.

6、Test with the base paper、corn starch (potato)、Industrial use caustic soda、borax and other material.

7、Oil equipment、lubricating oil、hydraulic oil、lubricating grease.

8、installation、commissioning of food, accommodation。And provide installers with the installation.


Specification Equipment name QTY Remark
ZJ-V5B Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand 5set Spindle ¢240mm, hyperbolic heavy rocker, toothed chuck , multi-point brake, hydraulic drive lifting, panning left and right on the middle.
DXC Electric

loading trolley

10set Electric trolley, double guide rail length is 9000mm, welded by middle plate.
JZJ Automatic splicer 5set Automatic splicer keep corrugating cardboard assembly line uninterrupted work,Reduce paper consumption,Greatly improve productivity.Maximum speed 200m/min
R09B Top paper preheat cylinder 2set Roller ¢900mm, including pressure vessel certificate. Adjust the wrap angle electrically. The wrap angle can adjust the heated area of the paper within 0-270°.
R06B Core paper preheat cylinder 2set Roller ¢600mm, including pressure vessel certificate. Adjust the wrap angle electrically. The wrap angle can adjust the heated area of the paper within 0-270°.
SF-360EA Cassette Single facer 2set Main corrugating roller ¢360mm,corrugating roller group flute quick change.corrugated roller with spraying tungsten carbide dealing.with maintenance-free airbag loading,PLC automatic control glue, HMI touch screen, Breaks automatic parking relief.
DY-C Electric hydraulic roller change forklift 1set Large capacity battery, power walking, hydraulic lift, centralized control.
MK-360 Corrugating roller quick change


1set Corrugating roller diameter:360mm,with tungsten carbide dealing,Modules including:Both ends of the shaft seat、bearing、steam element、Suction box、Pneumatic components assembly.
R09B-3 Tripe preheater 1set Roller ¢900mm, including pressure vessel certificate. Adjust the wrap angle electrically. The wrap angle can adjust the heated area of the paper within 0-270°.
GM-20 Double glue machine 1set The diameter of the glue roller is 268mm. Each layer is driven by an independent variable frequency motor, and the PLC adjusts the glue gap and human-machine interface.
TQ25-2 Conveyor bridge 1set The national standard 250 channel steel, 150H steel, 63 angle steel and other connections are used, and the independent frequency conversion motor drives the paper to lift and convey.
XG-JP Automatic correction 1set No power correction model save energy.High precision sheet correction. Paper width change does not require any adjustment

Full width infrared detection curtain。Reduce paper waste generated tear。reduce the waste of paper edge not to precision.

SM-F Double facer 1set The frame is 360 mm national standard channel steel, chrome-plated hot plate 600 mm * 16 pieces, and the whole process hot pressing plate design structure. PLC automatically controls the platen. Temperature display, variable frequency motor.
NCBD NC thin blade slitter scorer 2set Tungsten alloy blade, five-knife and eight-wire type, zero-crimping type. The full servo computer automatically arranges the knives, and the width of the air inlet is automatically adjusted.
NC-20   NC cutter helical knives 1set Full AC synchronous servo control, energy storage brake, helical knife structure, alloy gear transmission, lubricating oil pressure protection, 10.4-inch touch screen display.
DM-XLM Automatic small gantry stacking machine 1set Servo-driven platform rises and falls, four-stage frequency conversion conveying, automatic counting and stacking discharge, imported high-strength belt output, and standard delivery frame on the paper side.
SG Production Management System 1set Improve the automation of production lines,easy to operate.reduce consumption,Improve the utilization of the base paper,save costs. Automatic control production line,stable quality cardboard.Increase the average speed,Increase productivity.Automatic statistics production ,Easy to keep control of the production line, improve efficiency.
ZJZ Glue station system 1set Customers -owned pipeline.Glue configuration is composed by carrier tank、main tank、storage tank、and send plastic pump、back plastic pump.
QU Air source system 1set Customers provide their own air source.
ZQ Steam system 1set Including steam components such as pipeline valves, traps, instruments, etc. in the equipment, the customer provides heat sources and pipelines.
DQ Electrical control cabinet system Electronic control system: The adsorption type single-sided machine, the drive part, the double-sided machine, and the gluing machine all use variable frequency motors, and Delta’s variable frequency control system. The operation interface is simple and convenient, and the speed display control cabinet is equipped with the functions of speed display of each unit, unit call, and emergency stop.









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