Automatic Corrugated Box Flexo 2 Colors Printing Slotting Machine

Corrugated box printing machine china manufacturer

1.Fully automatic intelligent high-speed machine.

2.Increase production capacity and reduce labor.

3.Specializing in manufacturing Carton printing molding machine.

4.China’s famous carton machinery manufacturer

5.Won a number of industry honors.

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Function and characteristic

  • Thecorrugated box printing machine accessories, electrical appliances and computer software are all international well-known brands,
  • The wallboard and important parts of the whole machine are made by high-precision machining center and grinded by CNC grinder.
  • All transmission gears of the whole machine are made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel with hardness of HRC58-62;
  • The lubrication system of the whole machine adopts spray type automatic lubrication
  • high intelligent telephone operation, improve production capacity and save time and labor.
  • The fan of the main engine adopts frequency conversion control.
  model 2600×1200

Color group


to be configured according to user’s needs

2 Printing paper A,B,C,A/B,B/C and A/B/C type corrugated paperboard(the maximum interval 11mm)

Width of machine inside


max.paper size

5 Max.printing size 1200×2300mm
6 Skip feeding paper 1400×2400mm
8 Printing plate thickness 7.2mm

Design speed(piece/min)

10 Economic speed(piece/min) 80-200pcs/min

Tinted precision


Slotting precision


Max.slotting depth

increase the blade, increase the slot depth
14                   positive knife

Min. Slot distance   negative knife





Max.die-cutting size


Printing plate diameter(contain plate thickness)


automatic corrugated box flexo 2 colors printing slotting machine

Feeding unit:

  1. Automatic multi-point suction paper feeding, high speed, stable and accurate paper feeding.
  2. Suction frequency conversion adjusts the air volume to increase the transmission stability and accuracy of paperboard and warped paperboard.
  3. The cleaning brush sweeps away the debris on the surface of the paperboard, and the high-pressure fan absorbs the impurities on the surface of the paperboard to improve the printing quality.
  4. The positions of the left and right baffles and the rear baffle box are adjusted electrically, and the gap between the front baffles is adjusted manually.
  5. Touch screen control, one-time zeroing, order storage, memory reset, infrared photoelectric counting, preset order processing quantity.
  6. The main fan adopts frequency conversion control.

carton box printing machine

Printing unit:

  1. The printing roller adopts plate hanging device, ratchet wheel fixed plate winding shaft, full plate hanging groove and foot switch control.
  2. The printing phase adjustment adopts PLC touch screen control and electric digital 360 degree adjustment.
  3. The fixed ink gap, printing press roller and paper guide roller gap are adjusted by two-stage turbine box.
  4. Erasing reset function, the computer remembers the printing position, and automatically resets after erasing.
  5. Anilox roller cooperates with paper feeding system and pneumatic lifting device.
  6. An ink shortage alarm device is set to monitor the working state of the ink supply system in real time.

corrugated box printing machine

Slotting unit:

  1. The slotting phase adopts PLC and electric digital input 360 degree adjustment, the phase is controlled by motor frequency converter, and can be adjusted during shutdown and operation.
  2. The transverse movement of slotting cutter base and wire pressing wheel adopts synchronous electric adjustment. PLC touch screen adjustment, direct input carton size, automatic adjustment.
  3. Self locking structure is adopted for the adjustment of indentation clearance and cutter shaft clearance.
  4. Each slotting tool holder is transversely moved with anti-collision protection device.
  5. The slotting knife is 7mm wide and made of alloy.
  6. Large diameter wire pressing wheel is designed, and the upper wire pressing wheel is wrapped with polyurethane, which will not damage the paperboard.

corrugated box making machine

Stacking unit

  1. The height of chimney is 1600mm.
  2. The lifting of the platform is driven by chain, and the lifting motor has braking function.
  3. The platform automatically adjusts the tillage height.
  4. Set up safety protection devices to ensure that the platform will not suddenly fail and ensure the safety of workers.
  5. The corrugated belt on the surface can prevent the cardboard from sliding.
  6. Combined application design of chip removal brush and chip removal fan.
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