automatic carton cardboard 4 colors flexo printer slotter die cutter LANLING

flexo printer slotter die cutter china manufacturer lanling

1.flexo Printing machine is our main product with 14 years of professional production.

2.The size and printing color of paperboard can be made according to customer requirements.

3.The working speed can be choosed medium speed and high speed.

4.Intelligent operation and automatic adjustment function.improve accuracy,  increase production capacity and reduce labor.

5.Made according to European standards

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Function and characteristic:

1.The whole machine is adopted international famous brand appliances and computer software,the quality is  stable and reliable .Man-machine interface, Multi-point touch screen control ,computer order management, easy to operate.Replace the order faster(can be stored 999 orders in advance)

2.Whole wallboard and important components are adopted aging treatment, eliminate the metal internal stress;Adopt high precision machining centers, CNC grinding machine for grinding processing.

3.The machine shaft, roller are adopted high quality steel, grinding processing, high precision computer dynamic balancing correction and surface hard chromium plating.

4.The engine drive gear is adopted 20CrMnTi alloy steel, carburizing,quenching treatment, hardness HRC58-62 and gear grinding processing precision level 6, and ensured the long-term use of tinted with high precision.

5.Machine transmission parts (shaft, gear joint) are adopted free key connection (LOCK-ALX), the connection eliminate clearance. It is suitable for long-term high speed with high torque.

6.The machine drive bearing ,important driving parts adopt Heavy-duty self-aligning bearing ,simple maintenance,long service life.  (three big domestic famous brand:Hava los)

7.The engine lubrication system is adopted automatic spray type lubrication, Equipped with automatic balancing device, keep the oil in every units at the same level.

8.The machine is adopted adjustment preset functions, feeding , printing,  die-cutting, automatic zero resetting ,Separate and combine memory automatic reset.

9.Reset function of one key combine and separate , the machine every unit separate and every unit combine one key reset , when separate unit the light work ,High accuracy and improve work efficiency.

10.The main motor is adopted frequency conversion control.It makes start, running more steadily and saves more energy.

11.There is lack of ink alarm device and the real-time monitoring for the ink working condition system .

12.Optional: ceramic anilox roller, doctor blade and set ink system, stacking machine.

 The Machine technique parameter:

1 色组

Color group


to be configured according to user’s needs

2 印刷用纸

Printing paper

A、B、C、A/B、B/C和A/B/C型瓦楞纸板( 最大间隙量11mm)

A,B,C,A/B,B/C and A/B/C type corrugated paperboard

(the maximum interval 11mm)

3 机器内侧宽度

Width of machine inside

2200mm 2600mm 2800mm
4 最大过纸面积

Max.paper size

900×2000mm 1200×2400mm 1400 ×2600mm
5 最大印刷面积

Max.printing size

900×1800mm 1200×2200mm 1400 ×2400mm
6 隔张送纸

Skip feeding paper

1100×2000mm 1400×2400mm 1600 ×2600mm
7 最小过纸尺寸 正刀positive knife

Min.paper size 反刀negative knife





400 ×720mm

400 ×740mm

8 印刷版厚度

Printing plate thickness

7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm
9 设计速度(片/分钟)

Design speed(piece/min)

200pcs/min 180pcs/min 150pcs/min
10 经济速度(片/分钟)

Economic speed(piece/min)

80-180pcs/min 80-160pcs/min 80-130pcs/min
11 套色精度

Tinted precision

4色( color) ±0.5mm 4色( color) ±0.5mm 4色( color) ±0.5mm
12 开槽精度

Slotting precision

±1.5mm ±1.5mm ±1.5mm
13 最大槽深

Max.slotting depth

7 ×220mm 7×300mm 7×350mm

increase the blade, increase the slot depth

14 最小开槽近距   正刀positive knife

Min. Slot distance反刀negative knife

150 ×150 ×150 ×150mm

250 ×90 ×250 ×90mm





15 最大模切尺寸

Max.die-cutting size

900 ×1900mm 1200×2300mm 1400×2500mm
16 印刷辊直径(加版厚)

Printing plate diameter

(contain plate thickness)

ɸ300mm ɸ405mm ɸ480mm

high speed flexo printing machine

Paper feeding unit:

1.Roller type front feeding structure,rounds,multipoint suction   feeding,high friction,high  speed,paper feeding smoothly and accurate.

2.Frequency conversion of suction can adjust the wind volume,and the wind pressure can be  adjusted by the size of the paperboard,increase the thin board and the bend board convey stability and accurately.

3.Double conveyor roller structure:A set of paper feed roller adopt pneumatic type elastic paper plastic shaft,in order not to destroy the strength of the corrugated paperboard.The cleaning brush sweep the debris on the surface of the paperboard,and the high pressure fan sucked down the impurities on it,so that the printing quality can be improved.

4.Left and right side baffle (computer touch screen control),the block box adopt electric adjustment,front baffle gap manual synchronous adjustment ,said baffle equipped with pneumatic line device,make the paperboard transverse positioning more accurate.

5.he 10.4-inch color touch screen control the paper feeding unit,printing unit and the die cutting unit.One-time reset,store orders,memory location.The production speed can reach 60,80,100,120(pcs/min),cruise control,infrared photoelectric counting,preset the order quantity.

6.The main engine adopts frequency conversion control,start and operation smoothly,saving energy can reach 30%.

automatic printer slotter machinery

Printing unit:

1.The printing roller and the transmission shaft are all adopt high quality steel,computer dynamic balancing correction,eliminate the centrifugal force.Grinding process,hard chrome plating.

2.The printing roller adopts hangs plate device,ratchet fixed volume edition axis,hang all editions of slot,foot switch control of positive and reverse. It’s convenient and fast to load and unload printing plate.

4.anilox roller , laser engraving , selection of 300-700 mesh ,high mesh and high inking capactity ,ceramic roller is more compatible with large area field and screen printing.

5.Printing phase and axial adjustment:The phase adopt planetary gear type structure,PLC touch screen control and electric digital 360° adjustment(stop and start can be adjusted),phase fixing device,electromagnetic clutch brake,to ensure the printing phase will not change when the machine group moving,the axial transverse of printing roller adopt PLC touch screen and electric digital adjustment.,the total adjusting range is 10mm(Computer limit).

6.The clearance of setting ink,the printing press roller,the clearance of  paperboard guide roller adopts two stage turbine box to adjust.dial display quantitative value(0-10mm), it’s convenient to adjust and has self-locking function(Optional: gap adjusting PLC control).

7.Remove the plate and reset function,computer memory printing position,automatic reset after removing the plate.

8.Anilox roller adopts coordinate feeding system,air pressure type lifting gear(The anilox roll falls according to the unit order when paperboard feeding,to avoid the print ink for many times,when stopped feeding,lift up according to the unit order,and set the time on the computer)

9.There is lack of ink alarm device and the real-time monitoring for the ink working condition system .

flexo printer slotter machine

Die cutting unit:

1.Rubber gasket roller:centrifugal casting steel cylinder,computer dynamic balancing correction,surface grinding,hard chrome plating.

2.die cutting roller:centrifugal casting steel cylinder,computer dynamic balancing correction,surface grinding,hard chrome plating.(Optional:free plate die cutting slotting steel knife mold,do regular box slotting,the use of the corner cutting has box height synchronous adjustment function)

3.Die cutting roller phase and axial adjustment,the phase adjustment adopt planetary gear type structure,PLC touch screen control and electric digital 360° adjustment,the axial transverse adopt PLC touch screen and electric digital adjustment.,the total adjusting range is ±15mm。

4.Rubber roller cutting repair mechanism,rubber gasket can be used repeatedly,thereby,it can greatly save the cost.

5.Differential compensation device,automatic adjust the revolutions of the rubber gasket roll,make the shape of the die cutting carton box as same as the knife mold.

6.Rubber gasket roller mechanical transverse set ±40mm,to improve the service life of the die cutting rubber gasket.



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