Automatic Carton 4 Colors Printing Slotting Machine With Folder Gluer Strapper Line

Carton Printing Slotting Machine With Folder Gluer Strapper Line

  1.  Quick order change, PLC intelligent operation, memory reset. Save order replacement time.
  2. The speed ranges from 100 tablets to 300 tablets / minute. The largest cardboard is customized according to customer requirements.
  3. Vacuum adsorption transmission, pledge free leading edge, HD printing optional.
  4. Automatic high-speed HD printing, slotting die cutting and gluing box production line made in China. Professional after-sales service team.
  5. Whole process tracking, equipment installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and other after-sales services.
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Machine function and characteristic:

  • The whole machine is in strict accordance with the European Union CE safety standard design, standardization, generalization and humanization.
  • touch screen man-machine interface dialogue and double electric control system has the function of operation, has the intelligence to zero, the memory functions such as automatic reset, store order.
  • The engine drive gear is adopted 20CrMnTi alloy steel, carburizing quenching treatment, hardness HRC58-62 and gear grinding processing precision level 6, and ensured the long-term use of tinted with high precision
  • The machine drive bearing ,important driving parts adopt The international famous brand: “NSK”,simple maintenance. long service life.
  • the engine lubrication system is adopted automatic spray type lubrication, equipped automatic level balance system. confirmevery unit the oil same level .
  • The machine is adopted adjustment preset functions, feeding , printing, die cutting, automatic zero resetting and memory automatic reset.
  • The machine working gap adjustment,  adopt PLC electrical or touch screen, Perform adjustment rapid, accurate, convenient .
  • Quick change function of rubber roller and anilox roller:When changing the rubber roller and the anilox roller. It only takes half an hour to replace them, which greatly saves operation time and does not require professional technicians. Traditional needs at least one day.
  • The machine can store commonly used orders, can store more than 999 orders, fast change orders, easy to operate.

flexo printer

Printing unit

1、Printing roller:       

1)The outer diameter :390.6mm, (including the plate of the outer diameter is: ɸ405mm).

2)Printing and axial adjustment phase, phase structure of planetary gear type, PLC touch screen control and 360 ° electric digital adjustment, (downtime, boot can adjust) frequency conversion motor drive, according to the requirements change version of roller circumferential rotation speed, accurate to 0.1 mm, fast and convenient, printing roller to transverse PLC touch screen and electric digital adjustment, adjustment range, a total of 10 mm.

2、anilox anilox roller:Outside diameter is :ɸ219 mm.

steel tube surface coating ceramic grinding, laser engraving anilox .

3Rubble roller:outer diameter: Ø206mm.

4、Phase adjustment mechanism:

1)Planetary gear structure.

2)Printing phase electric digital 360 degrees adjustment (motion and stop all can be adjusted).

3).Frequency conversion motor drive, according to the requirements change version of roller circumferential rotation speed, accurate to 0.1 mm, fast and convenient, printing roller to transverse PLC touch screen and electric digital adjustment, adjustment range, a total of 10 mm,

4). Intelligent printing roller is reset, fit self-return after locking ( every time separate ,then combine, printing roller will reback to the original location )

5、Printing phase fixing device:

1)Electromagnetic clutch brake mechanism.

Slotting unit

carton box production line


1.Press line device

1) total 4 shaft .2 shaft for pre press .2 shaft for press line .seamless steel pipe shaft diameter of 98mm was obtained, after two times of grinding, computer dynamic balance correction, hard chrome plated surface, smooth movement.

2) the pre pressing wheel diameter 155mm, the board after preloading is not easy to be damaged, the wire by French Martin. It is hard, soft, straight and not explosive.

3) the press line wheel diameter Is 214mm.on the wheel wrapped polyurethane, no damage to the cardboard.

2 . slotting tool holder lateral movement adjusting mechanism

1) the 5 slotting holder pre press wheel and the press line wheel are moved transversely synchronization ( PLC touch screen adjustment), direct enter carton size, automatic adjustment, this unit can store commonly used orders, can store more than 999 orders, fast change orders, easy to operate. adopting synchronous motor adjustment, and adopting imported linear guide rail, Smooth movement, high accuracy.

2) single axle double knife slotting, the box height adjustment . PLC digital electric adjustment, (touch screen control ). direct enter carton size automatic adjustment. used the internal tooth structure, causes the lubricating oil not to be able to pollute the carton easily,

3) the blade holder  is designed with ten screw rods. It is of good synchronization, and adopts Taiwan precision ball screw. It is of high accuracy and small error. Slotting knife adopts anti – knife way.

3.slotting phase adjustment mechanism

1) planetary gear mechanism.

2) slotted phase adopts PLC and electric digital input, 360 degrees adjustment, phase motor frequency control System, stop and running can be adjusted (also optional PLC and touch screen adjustment)

4.adopt “grooving revolution” patented technology, improve slotting accuracy, no burr, no pick angle, the effect is comparable to die cutting.

5. hand hole mould seat (not included in the configuration, optional) The portable hole Shangmo seat width 100mm, width 100mm of the die holder of rubber pad.

6.independent servo drive, eliminate the accumulated error, depending on the speed range of slotting unit consistent with paper feeding, printing unit

Folding gluing production line

full automatic flexo printing machine

SYFC-2500 carton automatic gluing machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with printing, slotting, folding, gluing and stacking. It has the ability to carry, apply, glue, fold, and form several layers automatically. Adopt PLC control, touch screen operation and pre storage and manage order. Its high speed production capacity, fast changing orders and good stability can satisfy our cartons customers for shorter and shorter delivery cycle requirements.

Machine details

Automatic carton 4 colors Printing Slotting Machine With Folder Gluer Strapper Line 1 (1)

Glue, transfer unit

1.Feeding part: spring pressure is used to adjust the gap, and the thickness of the paperboard between 1 and 9mm is automatically adjusted .
2.gluing part: the gluing part adopts non-stop method or gluing system to avoid the gap between the glue-curing rubber wheel

Folding and rectifying unit

Folding and rectifying unit

1.To increase the tape speed under the bridge and flexible printing slotting production adjustment synchronization at the same time, fold belt, conveyor belt production of flexible printing slot is almost the same speed, avoid folding machine and water-based printing slotting part are not synchronized, this may lead to cardboard gets stuck, and achieve precise delivery
2.The belt speed can be adjusted respectively from top to bottom, that is, their speed is different, it can be adjusted to the same
3.The speed of the folding cardboard with the method of belt or rubber roller, convenient folding Angle adjustment

Counter and stack out department

Counter and stack out department

1.Stack and count pieces of cardboard.
2.The pile of cardboard adopts mechanical method and sensor to realize full automatic
3.The counter (sensor) counts the number of cartons, which is convenient to set up and reliable
4.The pile of cardboard adopts computer to count and push accurately

Main models and specifications:

Machine design speed: 200 pcs / min
Max paper size: 2500x 1200mm
Minimum paper size: 400x 750mm (including inboard)
Applicable paper: less than 9mm 3 layers, 5 layers
Bond: polyvinyl acetate emulsion PVA

Working flow chart

Carton Printing Slotting Machine With Folder Gluer Strapper Line

Coating part:

the upper part of rubber adopts non stop method or adhesive system, avoiding glue and curing, and the gap of rubber wheel is easy to adjust. Dial suitable for glue between 1 and 12mm thickness of cardboard. The amount of adhesive is easy to adjust.

In order to improve the production speed of the bridge under the belt speed and the flexo printing groove, the production speed is adjusted synchronously. At the same time, the folding belt, conveyor belt production flexo printing groove speed is almost the same, to avoid folding machine and water-based printing slotting part is not synchronized, which may cause cardboard stuck, and achieve accurate delivery.

The upper and lower belt speeds can be adjusted separately, i.e., their speeds are different, and they can be adjusted to the same speed.

Folding board is made of belt or rubber roller, so it is easy to adjust folding angle.

The upper part adopts the upper and lower rollers to adjust the gap, and the thickness of the paperboard can be increased between 1 and 12mm. The dial is easy to adjust.

Technical data specification

max working speed    pcs/min 200
Max stacking high(mm) 350
Min stacking high(mm) 80
maximum number of rows   pcs 30
Minimum number of rows   pcs 10
Max paperboard size  (mm) 2500×1200
Min paperboard size (mm) 400×750
Max size on the side of the glue (mm) 900
The largest size on the other side (mm) 800
Total length


Corrugated type A,B,C,E,A+B,B+C,B+E

Automatic PP strapping unit

1.Usage and characteristic:

Automatic strapping machine is mainly used in automatic sticky box machine/output after automatic strapping automatic order box machine, the machine by turning, taken together, pressurized banding.Using PP strapping, strong, do not rebound, paper edge damage.The whole process automatically, without human intervention, can save a lot of artificial cost.Such as color, paper products factory packaging equipment for increasing the income of enterprises and reducing consumption.

2.Main structure

The machine contains four parts: Receive board and turn part, clear up and patting part, delivery part, pressure strapping part.

Receive paper and ture——→pat and clear up——→delivery——→press and strap  ——→finish delivery

4 .Technique parameter

  1. Max.paperboard: 1200 x 1200
  2. Min. paperboard : 300 x 400  working speed: 8.5 bundle * 2 / min
  3. packing line total power (including steering machine, box machine, pressurized power packing machine): 3KW;
  4. power supply: three phase five wire AC380V (1+10%) 50Hz;
  5. steering machine (L2210 W2050 H1350);
  6. close box machine (L1800 W2050 H1350);
  7. packer (L1500 W665 H1792)
  8. working ability: 10-18 pieces / points;
  9. working environment: relative humidity is less than 90%, temperature is 0-40 degrees Celsius, noise is less than equal to 75dB (A);
  10. bandwidth 5. 12 .mm
  11. disc specifications: the inner diameter of the band core of the band 200mm-210mm, the outer diameter of the band 400-450mm, the band width 175-190mm;
  12. bonding method: thermal fusion;
  13. bonding method: bottom bonding, adhesive surface more than 90%, adhesive position deviation less than equal to 2mm;
  14. bundle tightness: 0-45Kg;
  15. gas source pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa; 14. roller material: stainless steel;
  16. cylinder diameter: 50mm, wall thickness: 1.5mm;
  17. transmission speed: 0-50m/min
  18. Overall dimensions:  5800 x 2300 x 1800 mm
  19. Power supply :  three phase four phase distribution (three-phase 380 v + zero)
  20. Weight: 2.1 T

Automatic carton 4 colors Printing Slotting Machine With Folder Gluer Strapper Line 1

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